Friday, August 30, 2013


As I told you, in this post, 90s are coming back in music as in fashion. If you usually look at streetstyle blog, you'll see another trend come from this decade: shirts tied around waist.

Maybe first it was just a way to preventive the unpredictable weather, but now it has a new purpose. It's a fashion detail, a way to give your outfit that thing more.
You can wrap flannel or plaid shirts, denim shirts, sweaters or even jackets on your waist to give to your look a more grungy/punk, "ghetto-swag" or fashionistas touch!

I do love it! You can play with it and style it in many personal ways.
What you think? Do you like it?

  Zara TRF adv



  1. cool post! And it's good for these days since it's not that cold
    Have a great day :)
    - Elsey

  2. This has definitely become a highlight trend of this year!!